HI! I'M MICHAEL KOCH, In December, I withdrew $4,600 in one go!

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Let me start from the beginning. One quiet summer evening, I was sitting idly at the computer; I remember it like it was yesterday, June 10, 2015. I had just gotten my paycheck and vacation time, I had a little more money in my pocket than I needed, and I got the idea to spend a little bit of it on some online entertainment. Hoping to find a bookmaker site where I could bet on football games, I entered the word "bets" in Google, and, completely accidentally, the first link took me to IQ Option. This is how my life got enriched by a new pursuit which has brought me incredible emotions and financial satisfaction! It's important for me to mention that until that moment, I knew absolutely nothing about Binary Options and had no experience.

Unlike the complicated financial tools, binary options are easy to understand even for people who have never engaged in stock trading, and the IQ Option's platform makes options trading even simpler. A convenient app for iOS and Android, intuitive interface, free demo account, and a $10 minimum deposit. In the first 5 minutes of getting to know my way around the site, I deposited $10 and made $100 while randomly clicking up/down. Needless to say, I instantly developed an interest fueled by a touch of gambling thrill.

I decided to start trading big time in October and was very anxious that I won't be able to withdraw my money. However, my fears disappeared with the first successful withdrawal.

To tell you the truth, I once got myself in a financial pickle because I had written the wallet number for withdrawal incorrectly, but the money came back to my trading account without any problems.

In December, I withdrew $4,600 in one go, and recently climbed up to 4th place in the tournament, earning over $11,000 with a starting 1,000, without "va banque" deals.

IQ Option Withdrawal

A few words about strategy for beginners - for them, trading pullbacks will be most suitable as it is intuitive and easy to understand. In the very beginning, it's better to point the person at binary options, not at turbo.

My Balance on Platform

Binary options are incredibly addictive! In addition to bringing a profit, they are interesting and captivatting, much unlike everyday work! You can start easily, without any special preparation!

Good luck, everyone!

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